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Everbeing's micropositioners (also known as micromanipulators in the industry) offer precise mechanical movement for probing or moving apparatus at the micron level. All our models provides linearly driven motion in all 3 axes at different resolutions. 

Why linear motion?

Linearity allows you predict the upcoming movement each time you drive the micropositioner knobs. Imagine attempting to pinpoint on a target that is visible in front of you, however you are unable to set a given path to reach it. This is the issue with non-linear micropositioners in the industry and can cause frustrations with probing. A linearly driven device allows you to move at a specific X and Y motion to reach your target to help you set up your experiments faster
  • EB-700

    Spec: 12x12x12 (mm) travel 40 TPI 38 mm W x 62 mm D x 45 mm H 200 g Magnet, Vacuum, Ma ...

  • EB-050

    Spec: 12x12x12 (mm) travel 80 or 100 TPI 52 mm W x 96 mm D x 76 mm H 550 g Magnet Base ...

  • EB-005

    Spec: 12x12x12 (mm) travel 100 or 200 TPI 90 mm W x 130 mm D x 90 mm H 1000 g Magnet B ...