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The Model 40A PicoProbe by GGB Industries is a low loss coaxial microwave probe that will fit your microwave probing needs up to 40 GHz frequency. Users may specify a GS, SG, GSG configuration with a particular probe pitch depending on their device. Different probe materials can also be selected based on the coating for your pads. Each tips are individually spring loaded, and have reliable contacts which makes them suitable for non-planar structures also. A 2.92 mm coaxial female connection is provided with the probe. (A 3.5 mm or SMA male connector is compatible with this with lower frequency maximum)

Technical Features:
  • Insertion loss less than 0.8 db
  • Return loss greater than 18 db
  • Measurement repeatability better than -80db
  • Tips: Beryllium-Copper, Tungsten, or Nickel tips
  • Pitch: 25 to 2540 µm
  • Footprint: GS, SG, GSG