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EverBeing (EB), a probe station manufacturer, provides you with a complete and broad range of probing hardware from A to Z. We are proud to be your one-stop shopping for probing solutions. Our inventories are one of the largest for probing tips, tip holders, extension cables, triaxial/RF heads/adapters, micropositioners, and microscopes. We also have complete probe stations, as well as semi-finished parts in stock. As soon as we have received your order, we will configure and assemble in a short time. Do not waste your time thinking about your probing hardware. Our seventeen-year experienced consultants could materialize your idea in a cost-efficient manner. If you are unable to find the proper items from our standard product line, we will gladly tailor to your specific needs. In addition, we offer upgrades and services for existing probe stations of any brand and model.


Product Line:

Wafer Probe Station, LCD Probe Station, LED Probe Station, LD/PD Probe Station, PCB Probe Station, FPC Probe Station, Design House Probe Station, Micropositioner(Micromanipulator),
Microscope, Laser Cutter, Hot Chuck, Cold Chuck, Cryogenics Chuck, Four Point Probe, Vibration Free Table, Vibration Free Tabletop, Shielding Box, Probing Accessories-Tip holder,
Tip, Extension Cable, Adapter etc.
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Client Classification:

Universities and R&D Laboratories:
Microelectronics, Nanoelectronics, Microsystems, Nanotechnology, Micromachining, MEMS,
Material Science, Photonics, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology


Matelec, Madrid, dates 28 – 31 October 2014 LED, LD, PD, PCB, FPC,
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A Passion for Probing


  1.  Solar Cell
  2. Cryogenics
  3. Super High Temp.
  4. RF Microwave
  5. RF DC Bias PGP PGP
  6. Power Measurement
  7. Low Current
  8. Low Capacitance
  9. High Voltage
  10. High Current(Power IC)
  11. AC Signal
  12. Field Signal
  13. Pulse IV
  14. Curved Wafer
  15. Nano Technology
  16. Biochips
  17. Leads Of Tiny Packaged IC
  18. Design House
  19. Motorized Probing
  20. Sheet Resistivity
  21. Volume Resistivity
  22. Hall Effect
  23. Pressurized Environment
  24. Light Intensity & Wave Length
  25. Specific Gas Environment
  26. PCB RF Microwave
  27. Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
  28. FPC RF Microwave
  29. Flat Panel Display LCD,OLED
  30. Flexible AMLCD,AMOLED


Corporation Name: EverBeing Int'l Corp.
Establishment: Mar.1993
Capital: US$ 1 million
Annual Sales : US$ 4 million
No. Of Employee: 20
Purpose Of Corp: Designing, manufacturing & sales of probe station, micropositioners and all probing accessories including cables, adapters etc.
Business Location: NO.1, Jinshan 2nd. St. Hsinchu Taiwan 30080
Map Instruction: Instruction from Taipei CKS Int'l Airport Please take ChungSan No.1 Freeway south about 1 hour.Then exit HsinChu on KuangFu Rd. Sec.1 east to ChuTung. It takes only couples minute drive after freeway exit on your right hand side as same as HinChu Science-Based Industrial Park