EverBeing Int'l corp. was founded in 1993. At the beginning of the establishment, we have represented American and Japanese manual probe station for semiconductor testing
industry in Taiwan market from 1993 to 1997.

As most of the customer comment on the pricing for probing hardware. We started to develop and manufacture the probing tips as our first product line. Through the support of the university lab., we have opportunity to repair and modify other brand probe station. The technology and experience has been enhanced from case to case to make our own product line.

In 1998,we developed and manufactured successfully our micropositioner EB-700 and EB-050. In 1999,we are proud of development of probe station and hot chuck. In Semicon Taiwan 2000,we announced to step forward to the global market. We now set up the sales and service network in China, Singapore and Korea market.

In order to make more product for local and global customers, we rigorously have developed the probe station for LCD, cryogenics and RF application in 2001.

In addition to those standard line,we are in research and development for the following product to announce Semicon Taiwan 2003.

  • Vibration Free Table
  • Mask Inspection Station
  • PCB Inspection Station
  • LCD/OLED Inspection Station
  • LCD Sheet Resistivity Station
  • Laser Repair Station
  • Used Microscope Upgrade from 4" to 6",8" or 12"