Is the ONLY one Taiwanese-Owned, Taiwanese Technology Manual Probe Station Manufacturer.We service you complete and comprehensive probing hardware from the very beginning of the test instrument's connectors ………. We are growing, expending and stepping forward to the global market .

Why choose EverBeing?

Largest inventory for probing tips, tip holders, extension cables, triaxial/RF heads/adapters, micropositioners, microscopes…..Even for the probe station,most of the semi-finished parts are in stock. Once received your order, we assembling shortly and go! Based on 10 years experience on probing technology our consultant could materialize your measurement idea cost-effectively. Do not waste your time on thinking your probing hardware and your money on error purchase.We welcome custom-made if you still can't find your proper items from our standard line. Looking for upgrade and service for the existing manual probe station. Any brands, any models are highly welcome.

What else could EverBeing Service?

Low current probing: tip holder, triaxial chuck, triaxial adapters, triaxial cables, shielding box, low current probe card and on-site support. RF probing: RF head 40GHz and Up, calibration substrate, DC Multi-Contact Wedge, adapter , RF cable , micropositioner, probe station and on-site support for load pull and noise characterization. Ultra-High Temp. 700 degree C probing: Specific tip, tip holder, micropositioner, probe station Cryogenics 77 degree K probing: vacuum chamber, liquid nitrogen evaporator and motorized micropositioner Photonics Device probing: LD/PD SE/EE Die/Packaged probing at temperature "All-In-One" probe station Large Area Substrate(LCD/OLED/PCB) probing: micropositioner & probe station Hall-effect solution: tip, micropositioner & probe station Sheet Resistivity measurement at temperature: Four point probe stand with hot chuck Microscope Upgrade & Service: Mitutoyo long working distance objectives , Polarizer kit, CCD camera & scale measurement kit,Used Microscope Upgrade from 4" to 6",8" or 12"